Hot-dip ZN-AL-MG alloy coated steel, also known as ZAM steel, is a new type of coating product. The zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating is a ternary alloy coating with zinc as the main component, and the content of aluminium and magnesium is between 1.5-8% (among which the magnesium content is not less than 0.2%). The magnesium in the coating is beneficial to promoting the formation of a very stable and well-organized and meticulous protective film, namely Hydrozincite ((Zn5 (OH)8Cl2 ‧H2O), which generates and maintains a film-like covering on the surface of the coating, thereby ensuring excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional coatings such as GI and Aluzinc, ZAM alloy-coated steel is known for its superior corrosion resistance, formality, wear and scratch resistance and can be applied in a wide range of fields such as automotive, HAVC, solar photovoltaics, agriculture, high-speed guardrails, electrical cabinets, greenhouse structures, etc.


Superior corrosion resistance: With the addition of MG and AL content, ZAM alloy coated steel has superior corrosion resistance. The planar corrosion resistance of ZAM coating is about 3 times that of GI coating.

Formability: The coefficient of friction of the ZAM coating is 15% lower than that of the GI coating, and it remains stable during reciprocating friction, giving it excellent formability.

Cost Reduction: An excellent alternative to much more costly materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Standard   JIS/ASTM/EN
Content Low AL&MG :  Zn-(0.5-3%) Al-(0.4-2%)Mg
Mid AL&MG:    Zn-(3-13%) Al-(2-4%)Mg
High AL Mid MG:  Zn-(50-60%) Al-(2-4%)Mg
Grades DX51D+ZM/DX52D+ZM/DX53D+ZM
Coating ZM20-ZM600g/m2
Spangle Regular spangle/ Zero spangle
Sizes Thickness 0.8-4.5mm
Width: 750-1600mm